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Obamer on his technique to British Parliment.... speach timewhat you think of Herman Cain sgi? IS DEFINITELY he the pizza guy? I haven't so much been following them.... way to soon so you can get worked up over for me. yup the chicken wings guy ... ceo in godfathers pizza, real life biz experience, though they can be pretty different, a Paul/Cain ticket is pretty interestingIMO Paul is way for you to old to run/win, lately. He doesn't seem that old with me... age wouldn't affect my estimation, what difference do you find it if he' camping tent for vans camping tent for vans s unwanted or not? There's no doubt that he'sI'll take that will politcal position also They aren't the latest, but they'll are related. I prefer doing actual cigarettes with her Fed job hard to receive but why could be the employees so "mediocre"? Do you find it the management who makes these slakers or possibly what? I tested to hunch my own shoulders, shuffle this feet, get a bare look on my face avoiding ambition. I fit in for a little bit but doing it again full time--I dont know how lifers in fed employment take action. Any ideas? very simple economics "Lack of earnings motive" + "Union" = MINIMAL reason to drive yourself or others. another bitter ex-fed I had put together ambition. I did everything We could. I did the job with all the self-proclaimed slackers. I was fast tracked in the ladder. I made GS in the young for the edge of some heart attack (while carrying it out of four) I realized it absolutely was not worth that and resigned. I will have slacked.

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Creatures of JoFo Could it be August already?? Where did the summer go? Did I just party enough? Possess I eaten sufficiently grilled foods? Have I spent plenty of time outside this warmer summer months? I dont imagine so. I recommend entering as many picnics, cook-outs, and camping trips that you could still squeeze during whats left of this summer. Now venture out and have a superb, summery weekend! MissJamie holigansdog clgth Artie_Lang Dragonette Avenue_C_Panda (Takin booboo towards the park! ) HookersBlowBwaha! ROFL @ H B! LOL! AMAZING panda, bro! LOLOLOL! LOL from panda LMAO apart a bumb fuck hooksLove the software! holigansdog is good! lol hahaha! Gotta Adore The Duke!!! Exactly how cute. Really looking the Artie_Lang, Dragonette as well as Panda booboo series. Poor HB = out within the cold... again... LOLOLOLOL!!! Possess a safe and wonderful weekend everyone! Hellfire and brimstone to! i cant view HB - the website is getting obstructed! Damn those porn filters in the public library. Hey what happened towards the cruelty-to-animals troll? LOL. Like putting your dog on an the rocks float. ARe you so crazy for which you find that silly. I am reporting want you to the Sheriff at a time. Post haste. er I am talking about post hate. Amazing animals! i appreciate my pic! thanks! Got To Absolutely love The Duke! lol haha @ Panda booboo! btw, Panda... You did what we should had to do yesterday to protect booboo. You're a great dad! Te christmas crafts to make and give christmas crafts to make and give tro is real funny christmas invitations funny christmas invitations ly a friggin moron. Mint, good animals Have to help admit, holigan coffee pic literally is me each morning! LOLOL! Yeah, the panda pic really was nice too! Scoot along with side car, hell yeh! Sidecars tend to be cool!! WWII kind shit, LOL upon BOTH sides. I really like Sidecars Yummy! Adore Sir Duke, We resemble my cam LOL ... So funny along with a much needed laugh from a brutal week working. Have a beneficial weekend everyone! Like it!! HB is missing out on a polar bear to maintain him company despite the fact that. LOLOL!! I reside in the Bay Spot - considering moiving in order to PHX. I'm currently a sound Engineer (for shows, etc. ) in addition to a Sound Editor (for film). Can anyone give me a concept of the activity market climate meant for my profession?

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Subject about bank acct, is this adequate Forum? it's almost never proper, but present it a shotYeah, listen up!! yes, shootAlrighty, May very wellCitizens Traditional bank accts,circular image gold checking and also an MMA. Solely checked my transactions online and seemed to be charged a dollar dollar service ask for yesterday. I've been poring in excess of my docs and doing a search online and concept of why. I'll you should visit in person and enquire later but any time anyone is familiar w Citizens, you can know of coverage change or something. What is the name of your fee? Maybe people started charging your monthly fee, or probably you fell below business relationship minimum onamong your accounts? them and then determine, they probably changed their coverage on something and will have sent which you notice. Thanks, Although that's crappy on the part. What ended up being the avg regular monthly balances and range of monthly transactions each account?

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Profit Forum Virtual Stock market Trading Game Virtual Stock market Trading Simulation, check out your strategies. goto: =" inches either login or register and goto: GameID: m boitsfort rugby club boitsfort rugby club ofofive Security: trader ***(NOTE: You need to enter password, or you won't let you join the game)*** Protocols: - NO handle switching. - Endeavor to use your actual handle out of your money forum. - But if the account goes harmful, please close available all trades best fiber foods best fiber foods if you'd like to spectate, if you go on to trade your handle will be removed. I consider that covers everything... if you're not let me fully understand. Here are the top standings fro ball canning jar recipe ball canning jar recipe m anothergames: June-August February-May December-January *** October-Noverber calendar months, less than task replies? I've been requesting jobs for a long time. Had my job application redone and updated/modified a couple of times. Degree in THE ITEM. Experience in admin, hospitality, retail, bartending, making cookies, office work. Yet no single interview, in support of replies (including 'no's) to the job software programs I've made. Is this usual in Vancouver at the present time? Are you keep in mind that the San Fran Area or in Lorrie? Are you keep in mind that the San Fran Area or in Lorrie? If in Van send your resume to us. Let's see genital herpes virus treatments can do for you. mhr@To anyone bearing in mind contacting this responder With regards to you like low-level cold-ing sales and profits. Couldnt agree further! Stem Cell stick I have possibly be reading allot on the subject of Stem Cell companies. At first I just thought it was recommended that you invest in Base Cell research. After heard it was initially bad. Later I found it is bad and the good. The answer is to be just not that simple. There is Embyonic, individual stem cell exploration. Stem cells put to use in different illness and various purposes. I heard advantages of HealthCareOfToday inc Then i was contimplating investing. Anybody have any thoughts.

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New different types of jobs, new methods to thinking? Here's a short article about the prospects for the iPad for financial services. While not upon massive paradigm proceed that represented all the movement to given away environments from mainframes, it has the potential being a game change on a small number of levels. What will it take to turn into a real game changer> Good people and completely new waye of planning. I did not investigate link However, I would need to agree that the time has come for all inspiring types to only start brainstorming as well as have a forward considering mentality. Gone could be the old days... plus its a new and additionally exciting world to choose from. Any major transformation or shift has got it's "labor pains" (pun intended) however I will rather see its such a major chance for growth and new ideas. It is definitely time.... are we about the challenge? I actually agree: "creative styles to just start out brainstorming" etc. But the truth is need an earnings. how do you will support yourself already? So how will you get the unique jobs? Anybody might dick around which has an i-Pad. Will it really do the same nepotistic racket of people hiring their buddies or maybe there is a coherent, objective process if anyone is to get the jobs? Mr. Left my I check with... exactly what think you're going RIGHT AT THIS TIME... to make everybody a better place? I ask that with all reverence and humility. In no way picking any, you discover a method to spend so enough time with such hostile sentiments using this board, I am very curious to what exactly it is you will do to make the universe a better space. Trying to begin a fair, objective path for pe ople to find jobs. Trying to find the trillions of funds Wall St stole taken here we are at create high salary productive jobs. Attempting prevent my member citizens from turning out to be impoverished. Trying to avoid the most unaware backward elements in this particular society from destroying many of the advancements generation about Americans fought just for. I along using millions f trades-people also fought just about every filibuster of Unemployment benefits this past year to prevent enormous Americans from famished. Also, on that forum I've always fought censorship, being a nuisance, abuse and all the disruption of pertinent discussion. Again how stopping impoverishment the ones starving and kept jobless is hostile and hateful is completely incomprehensible and bizarre opinion. I do come up with blunt statement concerning the people responsible for the current economic issue. If more persons did, a solution might be worked on.

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small business owners... Just sharing my -cents for today regarding the "job market. " I decided to walk up the street for miles with resume in hand. Looking in hold front windows to see where I could possibly work. I noticed a few empty units in between occupied stores. I find a company establishment that is related to my former discipline. I was aiming for thisparticularly since he acquired an ad within the newspaper. I did the old-fashioned approach to job hunting. What the heck, I still need my interview next week with the bank and that doesn't mean I'm not likely to continue to test. I walk in speak with this man. He's staring at my chest. We'll give credit to VS not my family! I am articulate and smile when i talk. I asked poignant questions Related to the job. He asks me "So, are you from 'round right here, did you proceed here with family unit - spouse : ? " Uh - HELLO JOFO - Sexist Bastard! I have -degrees, prior experience he's wondering if i hatched my eggs and have ren at residence. ALL I stated was, "So, I saw your ad in the paper, do a person still need revenues help? I've noticed all around rates have increased together with your carrier as well as others in this line of business -what types from losses preciptated this kind of? " (Trying to infuse some professional dialogue). He leans back in his chair (as if to put his feet about the desk but luckily didn't), takes a glance at my resume (it's -pages and also the nd page programs my previous prof'l license bu graphic design ventura california graphic design ventura california t he could not read it) this individual asked me if i had He takesglance and says, "You've jumped around a lot. " I was not a bitch in order to him - for the reason that he said, "He'd think about it, because he stated, "I can't afford to pay you what you want, I have PT $/hr to start. " Meantime, he has -somethings out in cubicles who are actively licensed together with selling. I used to train people which will age. His advertisement shows a $k-$k sales agent. All co's promote from w/in. Unless you're in the good ole boys' network women will remain at pink back of the shirt levels. His hourly rate would place food on your table (he believed PT $/hr), but it won't cover my rent. It's the start, but a very SMALL start. And he said, there's no room for a good salary.

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So where does everone remain on SOPA? Are you for it as well as against it? Have you contacted your Rep relating to this yet? SOPA is an abomination. SOPA is the kind of badly written, sweeping, iron-fisted government approach that gives fuckers like dirkie soaked dreams! Did you catch the list of Reps supporting the software? So far it is somewhat bipartisan with an overwhelming principal them supporting it again. I wonder if any of them bothered encountered this bill? Those BITCHES banned online poker too! I'm yet not over the idea: (They better not really be mess'n wid da no cost porn! Help take out the Representatives who support SOPA: Ditto that! We MUST rage with the machine. Don't FU** by means of my internet! Sucks! Un-enforcable to start with. well, then W boat fishing minnesota used boat fishing minnesota used ho is for it? There is a list on the front of if anyone enter the schokohautige page. Mostly people who can't figure out how to exploit artists using the internet and find their rice bowl gonna break. Find an exciting new job, assholes! Peeps have been trying this as being the Usenet and Bulletin Boards days back in the late is actually. Now, with the actual invent of bit-torrent, it's kinda hard to make sure you block copyrighted content. SOPA must die-off. The internet have to be about the absolute free exchange about information. That means I take a seat at a desktop computer and access any website anywhere in the world and no enterprise or govt. tells me I can't as well as censors expression or even the exchange with ideas. Wall E. and corporations possess wanted the internet to be a corporate gulag for a time now and just want to ruin it similar to they did tv on pc and radio. That criminal Murdoch is actually behind SOPA. That tells you something. That said there should be strong laws upon cyberstalking, public inspiration of suicide, personal harassment, libel, slander like we see on this forum from a mentally ill lowlife.

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Bar work... Genuine.... involved in the purported catholic protestant supposed nobility. You know EXACTLY why i have no wish to talk to you whatsoever on any level. Inclusive of the fact that you are probably reading this now as i write it !!!!!!. And in truth... and eat it too and eat it too The miracle... Yes, just thatthat Robbie Williams is singing about in the song, together with Great Britain being the geographical location of my birth. instantly and judicialy makes me the British Head of State...... INSTANTLY. Whether i like it or not. (Although by futurist definition, i was from birth anyway} Which is the reason for the Windsor visit to the Vatican, New York and Washington and the subsequent Papal visit to Washington, as well as new York, where i was located. So, i am looking for a brief spell as a barman. Then i will be returning to Great Britain, yes, possibly to fight, as nothing more than a protestant. I actually cant even make a phone , to substantiate the welfare of my own ren. That is about it really, you may gain some extra clientel from my employee status, but please do not expect any conversations speaches or rowdy boistrous backslapping behaviour.... It isnt who i am, just a normal man, who isnt, saving money to return home. No i have never worked in a bar before, i do not actually drink either. Nor can i offer any political discussion or opinion. That isnt who i am either... Justice and politics is oil and water... It dosnt mix. On ANY level. prefer none catholic... Obviously. You'll find i dont say to much. Do your own thing...! Ill serve beer. Many anticipated thanks. Alan. You can obviously contact me here. Downtown Vancouver area would be better for me. Travelling etc. Local to town. Rates unimportant just a fair wage. Hours.. ? Anything... Nights hrs... ? No problem. This is actually... really is GENUINE. And this is the bottom part...!